Our story

Whenever life needs to feel a little more like summer nights

Keep cool, stay cool. nap a little, dream a little. forget, but stay in touch. remember to live. 'cause its about days like this.

We are a small local zurich based drinks brand

We are rethinking drinking. We use our own hand fermented alcohol base, mix it with a hint of real fruit flavor and then add the bubbliest bubbles. This gives you a super refreshing and clean taste. We only use ingredients that are really needed. Our cans are fully made from infinitely recyclable aluminium. (please recycle!)

Locally produced
Our production of hard seltzer is done in Zurich and Lausanne, Switzerland. We basically do everything by hand and make sure each and every thing has a lot of passion in it. 

The process to get here
Creating our very first nylo was super fun but also very hard. We've experimented with over a hundered real flavors and ingredients. We spent hours and hours getting it right. We want to make sure you get the best experience possible whenever you interact with us. That's why we spend so many hours perfecting every little detail. We hope you are going to love it.